ISCO has extensive experience in the Fabrication of Metals, Plastics, and Composites for the Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Industrial and Construction industries. Our 19,350 sq. ft. Manufacturing Machine Shop Facility in Bend Oregon is equipped to meet your requirements from prototype to production. Our team of experienced machinists, fabricators and assemblers strive for the highest quality, the best service and on-time delivery of your products.


FLOW International Water Jet
72 X 144 X 7 Capacity, 3 Axis, 60,000 psi
Cuts virtually any material
Granite to Rubber to Paper, Stainless to Copper


 ACCU-PRESS, Press Brake

100 ton x 8ft, 5 Axis CNC


MIG Welders

TIG Welders

Hydraulic Press, 30-Ton

PEM Insert Press

Tube Bending, Tubeshark II,(manufactures by ISCO)  Square to 1 1/2" or Round to 2" OD